Following a death, even close relatives will often have no idea what kind of a funeral service the deceased would have preferred. This campaign advised people to ask when there was still time.

Translation of the copy for «Dad» (Gold award in «Gullblyanten», the main Norwegian advertising contest, for best copy in 2005).


Once upon a time enormous.
A giant, raising you to the sky.
Showing you how things work.
Knowing everything.
Later, an obstruction. An opponent. Someone to endlessly disagree with.
Knowing nothing.
Then, finally – a man.
A man you think you know everything there is to know about. Who is, and always will be the same.
Having known someone as long as you can remember creates a unique and intimate knowledge.
But it can also make you take them for granted, and fail to notice the many small nuances and changes that occur in the span of a lifetime.
Because human beings never stop developing.
After a passing, we often see that even the closest family members are hesitant, and would have liked to be certain. Suddenly it is important to know what kind of funeral service the deceased would have preferred.
Often, it is far from obvious.
Ask when there is still time.
It is very hard.
But if you do, you will probably learn something new about a person you have known all your life.

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