I am a copywriter with more than 25 years of experience from various advertising and PR agencies.
Since 2016 I have been assigned as Lead Creative Director for Apple in Norway, in charge of the transcreation of all marketing copy. This takes up most of my time, but when avialable, I do project work for a small number of advertisers and agencies, focusing on concise copy for home pages, digital campaigns, print ads, radio, TV etc.
Translation, or rather transcreation is always an interesting task. We Norwegians are a sceptical lot, and usually demand a generous portion of modesty in commercial copy if we are to trust it. A literal translation will usually come across as bragging and usympathetic, so converting international campaigns takes local knowledge as well as creativity to achieve the desired impression and impact.
Below are a few examples of my work, recent projects as well as older ones. To get in touch, please use this contact form.